University Futures

University Futures
The University in Transformation:
Global Perspectives on the Futures of the University
Edited by Sohail Inayatullah and Jennifer Gidley
Published by Praeger, 2000
Hardcover. 280 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-0897897181

About the Book

Taking a long-term historical and future perspective on the university is critical at this time. The university is being refashioned, often by forces out of the control of academics, students, and even administrators. However, there remain possibilities for informed action, for steering the directions that the university can take. This book maps both the historical factors and the alternative futures of the university. Whereas most books on the university remain focused on the European model, this volume explores models and issues from non-Western perspectives as well.

Inayatullah and Gidley draw together essays by leading academics from a variety of disciples and nations on the futures of the university, weaving historical factors with emerging issues and trends such as globalism, virtualization, multiculturalism, and politicization. They attempt to get beyond superficial debate on how globalism and the Internet as well as multiculturalism are changing the nature of the university, and they thoughtfully assess these changes.

Book Reviews
“The editors provide an overview of the history of the academe from both a western and eastern perspective, as well as an in-depth discussion of current trends and emerging issues. They contest current assumptions regarding the future by offering alternative possibilities. They weave these themes together to arrive at several alternative futures in the hope that their book impacts the policy debates concerning the future of the university.”
– NACADA Journal
“Important issues and valuable material for anyone with a specialist interest in the subject.”
– Long Range Planning
“Inayatullah and Gidley have edited a book that breaks the frame of more conventional approaches and poses a number of wider civilizational questions that should concern everyone. They have assembled a group of scholars who collectively span a very broad array of cultures and circumstances. In so doing, they breathe fresh air into an all-too-often stultified arena.... [I]t is certainly a book that should be read and pondered upon by all those seeking more vibrant alternatives for currently hard-pressed universities.”
“This book is admirably comprehensive. Its authors look at the impact on universities of all the major trends of our times. Even better, they go beyond the usual western focus and attempt a genuine world view. A very stimulating contribution to the debate.”
– Sir John Daniel, Vice-Chancellor, The Open University
“Sohail Inayatullah and Jennifer Gidley have responded to the present crises of higher education by bringing together a must-read collection of papers. Firmly grounding their work on past trends, both the Western and Non-Western authors of these papers challenge conventional thinking as they explore possible, probable, and preferable futures for the university. A first-rate piece of work that might help us avoid a potential coming educational catastrophe.”
– Professor Wendell Bell, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Yale University
“This book is a `must' reading for all professionals in higher education and those policy makers who have influence upon the direction of higher education in the U.S. as well as other countries....While thoughtful in insight, it is also practical in ideas. Anyone who reads it will come away with the importance of higher education and its role in building a global society where humanity will ultimately prevail.”
– Professor Glenn K. Miyataki, President, The Japan-America Institute of Management Science, Honolulu, Hawaii
“...University in Transformation is highly recommended as an engaging, informative, and visionary text for those concerned with the critical role of universities in personal and national development in the 21st century.”
–Professor Robert Arnove, Professor of International and Comparative Education, Indiana University, Bloomington
“A very impressive collection... This book arrives just-in-time for universities that want a future.”
- Gordon Prestoungrange, Global President, International Management Centers (IMC)
“Editors Inayatullah and Gidley have created a solid collection of significant if tantalizing essays....The book, well organized and edited, will be especially valuable for graduate students in postsecondary education.”
– Choice

About the Editors
Sohail Inayatullah, PhD. Professor, Department of Futures Studies, Tamkang University, Taiwan.
Jennifer Gidley, PhD. Adjunct Professor, UTS University, Sydney, Australia.