Steiner Education

'The Secret to Growing Brilliant Children'
Volume 1: Steiner Education for the 21st Century

Author: Jennifer M Gidley
Bear Books. 2020. Paperback. 202 pages.
ISBN: 9780980583045

About the Book
'The Secret to Growing Brilliant Children' tells you everything you need to know about Steiner's revolutionary educational approach. Discover how to adapt it for the 21st Century and help create healthier futures for our children. This book is the first in a series of three. In its seven research-based chapters you will form a deep understanding of Rudolf Steiner's vision, how Steiner Education works, and what its role could be in preparing our children for futures of great change, complexity, and uncertainty. This peer-reviewed material, previously published in a range of journals and scholarly books, is here brought together for the first time as a single reference work. It is designed for all readers, from parents, to teachers, education professionals, and government policy makers.

About the Author
Dr. Jennifer M. Gidley is an author, educator, psychologist, and futures researcher. Her PhD thesis 'Evolving Education' won the Chancellor's Gold Medal for Academic Excellence. She is an Adjunct Professor at both UTS, Sydney, and Southern Cross University, NSW, and is a Co-Founder of the Oceanic Research Institute, Australia. Jennifer is also a mother and teacher who designed and built from scratch Australia's most innovative Steiner campus, pioneering new architecture and a renewable energy playground. She created a revolutionary teacher education program and student curriculum, and later played a crucial role in bringing Steiner Education into the Australian National Curriculum. She was the longest serving elected President of the World Futures Studies Federation (2009-2017), a global NGO and a UNESCO and UN-ECOSOC partner. Her recent books include "Postformal Education" (2016, Springer International) and "The Future" (2017, Oxford University Press).

Steiner Education